Question about the Lizzie Borden case

Well, sorta. It’s not “Did she really murder her parents?”

One article I read many years ago gave a possible additional reason for the acquittal was that shortly before the murders of her parents, there had been a previous axe murder in or around Fall River.

Unbeknowst to the jury, by the time Lizzie’s trial rolled around, the suspect had been apprehended and incarcerated at the same time that Lizzie’s parents were murdered.

The gist of the article was that in all the history of Fall River, the only other axe murder had just previously occurred, and the jury thought it plausible that that same perp might have axed the Bordens–not knowing that at the time he had already been put into the pokey.

The questions:

Did this earlier axe murder actually take place?

What happened to that suspect?

Was the timeline accurate on his incarceration?

Is there any evidence that the jury was/was not aware of his incarceration at the time of the Bordens murders (assuming that it really happened)?

From Lizzie Andrew Borden (.com!)

Thanks a bunch!