question about the novel "Red Dragon" (mild spoiler)

Does someone have a copy handy to look something up? At one point Graham makes sure his wife Molly is armed with a .45 loaded with special ammo- I believe the novel describes the rounds as some sort of shotshell or frangible bullet. The problem is that my memory insists that this ammo was called a “wadcutter”, which is something else entirely. Would someone tell me what the novel actually calls them?

I don’t know if this is kismet or what, but I happened to have the paperback laying around, and when I picked it up and randomly turned to a page, it was the page you were asking for. Here’s the quote:

"…He wondered how the woman would stand up to it.

The ammunition on the stand beside them was an interesting progression. First there was a box of lightly loaded wadcutters. Then came regular service hardball, and last was something the rangemaster had read much about but had rarely seen. A row of Glaser Safety Slugs. The tips looked like pencil erasers. Behind each tip was a copper jacket containing number-twelve shot suspended in liquid Teflon…"

P. 174 in my copy.

wadcutters are typically used for target shooting, I use one as the first round, my ‘warning’ shot because they are cheap. They are also not recommended for most semiautomatics because they leave lead residue in the rifling that can cause problems when you feed FMJ.

And lots of people even by that time had seen glaser safties. Heck, I have been loading with glasers since the mid 80s at least. A professional [fed or local cop] especially a range master would definitely have been very familiar with them.

Thanks all! So the word “wadcutter” was in there, just not the rounds in question. I’ll give my poor old memory an “E for effort”. :slight_smile:

BTW: interesting round, but unless I expected to shoot in an environment in which overpenetration had to be avoided at all costs, I’d stick with jacketed hollow point. Especially when faced with a large muscular psychotic. :smiley: