Question about the novel The Cobra Event

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Anyway, the novel is about a small scale bioweapons attack that happens in NYC. One chapter is titled Invisible History (III) I won’t go into alkl the details, but basically this chapter revolves around 2 scientists sharing info of a Top secret/compartmentalized nature, concerning the biological weapons factories that the Russians had. There is a good amount of detail and description of some of the Russian sites and it doesn’t seem like the author, Richard Preston would just pull this stuff out of his ass.

So my question is this, is the stuff about the Russian bio-weapons program in fact, real info that Preston inserted intact or did he embellish a little, and if so, do you know how much embellishing there was?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t remember that book well enough to even offer a guess, but I do remember that I thought it was horribly written, so I’ll go with made-up.

Hey, I liked that book.

I don’t have a copy on hand, but I believe there is a reference section in the back, try looking there.