Question about the Purple Wedding in GAME OF THRONES with TOTALLY NEKKID SPOILERS!!!

Again, totally nekkid spoilers!

Book spoilers!

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Okay… now that’s out of the way…

So the poison that kills Joffrey is unknowingly smuggled into the wedding by Sansa in a hollow jewel on the necklace given to her by Dontos which was in turn given to him by Littlefinger. Grandma Tyrell takes it from her while pretending to pat and smooth her.

Question: Why was Sansa’s necklace necessary in this? Or Dontos? Or Littlefinger? That seems a lot of moving parts.

Why couldn’t Grandma Tyrell have just smuggled in her own poison? It’s not like the grandmother of the bride/richest woman in Westeros is going to be strip searched going to the wedding, and poison is clearly not that hard to come by for somebody who has lots of maesters and gold at her fingertips.

To set up Sansa, I suppose. Littlefinger wants to give her a reason to run.

ETA: Though, I guess she didn’t know about that when she decided to run, did she? I’m out.

Because Grandma Tyrell didn’t trust Littlefinger. What if he was trying to double-cross her, frame her for attempting to poison Jofferey? She probably insisted that the poison remain in the unknowing possession of an innocent third party for as long as possible.

So who approached who, or do we know?
Did Littlefinger come to Olenna or did she go to him?

When I read the book I assumed it was Tywin at first, and still think he was a better culprit. I did like how Charles Dance played him in those scenes: “Well, I can’t say I would have done that, but no point in faking tears and since somebody else did let’s make the best of it with his little brother.”

I’d go with Littlefinger since he seems to need all that chaos for his ladder-building business.

I think it was part of the deal Littlefinger made with Margaery the night Renly’s died, back in Season 2. She wouldn’t have agreed to marry Joffrey if she didn’t have an exit option if he turned out to be as bad as his reputation.