Question about the Thomas-Jung Type Indicator

Has anyone heard of this? I received an unsolicited e-mail from someone who I presume is a recruiter (he used an aol account, and never identified his company or who he was recruiting for). It was a generic message describing a position that my background (based on my resume posted on would seem a good fit for. Before any more information will be sent out, he requires that I take the Thomas-Jung Type Indicator test, (a test he claims has its roots from Myers-Briggs). There is a link in my email, directing me to a page to print out, follow the directions, and fax the results. In short, it’s a handwriting analysis test.

Here is a link to the test : Thomas-Jung Type Indicator

A quick search on Google didn’t turn up much. I did find one link in groups, but not much info. is there, other than someone asking about the test. One person who responded debunked its validity.

My questions are these:

  1. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the test?
  2. What would be the motivation of someone to send an email like that out? It’s not asking for money (not yet, anyway).

Personally, I’d never work for a company that would make a judgement based on a writing sample. Very strange.


Hell, never mind the bump… I just got another email this morning from Hire Golden, which coincidentally is one of the websites that came up in my search.

What the hell is this? Is it legitimate or are they asking me to join a cult? I still feel like they are going to try to extract money out of me at some point, but right now, I don’t understand their game.

Well whatever it is, it’s not legitimate, so ignore their email.

Hire Golden says on its website that it uses graphology as a screening technique, so by definition the company’s service ranges somewhere between self-deluded and fraudulent.