Question about the two click rule

Just curious in case I need to link to some NSFW thing in the future, does this satisfy the two click ruling?

Yes, according to CK Dexter Haven here, using the spoiler box is one way to satisfy the two-click rule.

We had an ATMB thread about this a little while back, and the mods answered yes. Search for “spoiler” and “click.”

Yes. It offers enough warning to posters who don’t want to click on NSFW links, and at the same time doesn’t inconvenience other posters who love to click on NSFW links.


Thank you guys. Sorry I didn’t find it searching… but then I suck at it.

The basis of the two-click rule is that someone might click accidentally on a link. However, two accidental clicks are highly improbable. Thus, anything that requires more action on the part of the reader than simply one click is pretty much our safe-guard.

So, breaking a link (adding a space) requires someone to remove the space (action one) and then click on the link (action two.) That won’t happen accidentally.

Using the [noparse][noparse][/noparse][/noparse] tags, means that someone has to copy (action 1) and paste the link into the browser (action 2) and then click on “Go” (action 3). Again, that won’t happen accidentally.

And, in your example, the use of spoiler tags means the person has to click on “Show” (action 1) and then on the link (action 2.) Unlikely that this would be by accident.

As noted, we’re not trying to limit the links that people provide – we just don’t want someone getting to some inappropriate website and an awkward time, inadvertently.