Question about the Warnings in the "Death Penalty Options" thread

White Letters are for invisible text. :smiley:

Seriously, I use white characters when I just want to quote someone without commentary or make an all-caps post.

Three times in what? I can’t make that out :slight_smile:

Also, fair enough. I’ve never seen 3 general thread warnings without additional people being personally warned (I know someone was after the 3rd warning)

Just remember to use absolute amounts, not percentages.

Why wouldn’t he want to get 1.25 coffee mugs?

No the two posts that were warned deserved it, I mean- wood chipper?

However, I think Colibri would have been better closing or moving the thread. Obviously this thread is hard to control, the OP’s title is unspecific, and it appears to be a sore spot for the Mod and others. And yes, we didnt need yet another debate on the morality or value of the DP. However, hanging would seem to be in line with the title of the OP, so it is a little confusing.

No, they are for loading and unloading only.

Or possibly editing the title? I actually liked GQ because there is a level of factual information out there and some very well could be new to me and others. But going to the title to the OP and considering it, I had a feeling beyond this point there be dragons.

Ok, that works for me, good idea.

No no, RED letters are for loading and unloading only, there is no stopping on the white letters.

I’m getting soft. :slight_smile:

Yeah, too soft, yeah, that’s the ticket!


Yes, I started a thread a few months ago asking for information on any studies about left-footing braking. I so cifucally said on the OP I was looking for studies, not anecdotes or opinions.

Guess what all the responses were …

Different ways to execute the death penalty?

Maybe you should have used the blue letters? :wink:

Exactly! And they were all anecdotal, based on their own experiences! :smiley:

Don’t start up with your white letter shit again!

Look we both know what this is really about…

You’re advocating the death penalty for left-foot brakers?

Wouldn’t maiming be sufficient?

Are there any surgical equipment suppliers (or chainsaw manufacturers) on record as being opposed to having their equipment used for judicial maimings?

Personally, I’m in favour of chemical-based judicial maimings as opposed to surgical based judicial maimings.

Pun intended?


I don’t know if it’s clever enough to be called a pun, but yes. :slight_smile: