Gfactor: Please explain why you didn't issue a warning


Someone makes a threat of violence in a PM and all you can do is advise them not to do it again?

From my chair all that business about “we wouldn’t have heard about it” is just hand waving for not doing what was obviously called for.

I would like to know this also. I mean, not even an official warning? Seriously? :dubious:

Note that the PM was directed at me, I didn’t report it, and I specifically asked the moderators not to make a board issue out of it when they contacted me because other people reported it.

I posted it in the public thread because it was a douchey thing to say, just as I might have quoted a regular post in which somebody said something really stupid that nobody else noticed. If I’d had a problem with it, I’d have reported it directly.

However, since, AFAIK, this is not a pattern of behavior for the poster in question, I don’t see what the big deal is.

Why is it up to you if the admins/mods make a deal out of someone breaking the rules? Even if it took place behind mostly closed doors?

Same reason it’s up to me to decide whether or not to press charges if you poke me in the eye. Anyway, I didn’t demand that they let it go - I asked if they would do so if I had any say in the matter. For what it’s worth, I personally insulted him first (though not via PM).

Incidentally, if you read the PM FAQ, you’ll see it doesn’t address what rules may or may not be in place as far as PM content.

If you lose your eye (or become seriously injured in some other fashion) when I poke it, it stops being up to you on what happens to me, is it not? But either way, you have a decent point. I still think it’s not right at all for bri not to even get a warning, but I mildly see why he/she wouldn’t, if it was up to you.

And after That Whole Debacle a few months back, you’d think the PM FAQ would have been suitably updated. ;p

I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t really think it’s your call.

The big deal is that someone making a threat in a PM is, IMO, a quite serious infraction and I don’t understand the logic in letting it slide.

I thought that a threat of violence was cause for an instant Ban or Suspension regardless of where it was posted.

What if he would have threatened to file a law suit against the SDMB in a PM?

I’d have laughed even harder?

For clarity, I’m not asking for the mods to change the decision, as I have no particular beef with Bri. I’m just looking for some sort of rational explanation.

Here is the Pit rule:

I’ve never banned or suspended anybody for a threat. In fact, I’ve written a few moderator notes for it in The Pit. Of course, the Pit rule doesn’t apply to PMs, but it’s likely the poster in question thought it did. And I try to give the poster the benefit of the doubt. As RNATB has pointed out, the FAQ isn’t clear on the point.

If it were made to a member, and the member didn’t bring it to our attention, I suppose the staff wouldn’t know about the threat, so nothing would happen.

If the litigation threat were made by PM to a staff member, I think the outcome is determined by board precedent.

I’m always willing to reconsider. I’m not sure I have much to add to what I’ve already said, but let me take another look.

I appreciate the quick reply.

Thank you, Gfactor. That makes sense.

Which one was that? (There are too many “debacles” to count anymore)

Oh please. If someone message board douche called me a cunt and claimed he would gut me if he saw me, I wouldn’t give two shits. Come to think of it, one of my favorite PMs ever (on another board) was from some crazy woman who told me “You’re a fucking cunt. I hope you die.” I had a good laugh.

What do these warnings add up to, anyway?

edit: directed at the person who doesn’t understand letting it slide.

Six warnings = free upgrade to business class on any domestic Delta flight with meal service.

For some reason, I thought it was three warnings and then a ban.

BE AWARE----They have recently discontinued serving Finlandia and switched to Smirnoff. The price is still(!) 5 dollars, even though the Smirnoff is much less expensive for Delta to purchace…

Letting it slide doesn’t “encourage” people to modify their behavior. Especially when calling someone a cunt in the pit can garner a warning.