Question about tonight"s "hell's kitchen," pt. Ii

I, uh, kind of dozed off at the beginning. What the hell were the men eating for lunch that was so disgusting? :confused:

Oh, good question. I was taking the dog out to pee and missed it, but I did want to know.

This is an awful and obviously scripted show, but for some reason we watch everything Ramsey is in. :slight_smile:

It was boiled salt cod with gefilte fish sauce. It didn’t look very appetizing, but I can’t imagine it tasted as horrible as the men thought. The one contestant who did eat it looked like a hog at a trough.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound as bad as they were making it out to be.

Very disappointed with the new season - anyone with half a brain can see there are two or three legit contenders and the rest of the cast is just put there by the producers for drama and mistakes.

I watched the first few seasons from beginning to end and, yeah, this became obvious early on. I almost never watch it nowadays.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is a game show that follows the same pattern. I’ve been watching the dumbed-down American version of the show, and it’s obvious that maybe one in ten of the contestants has a snowball’s chance of getting out of the first round, let alone winning $1 million.

I have a theory that Gordon pretty much picks the winner in advance - remember, the main prize is to be a chef (he says “head chef”, but that pretty much means just “assistant to the executive chef that’s already there”) at one of “his” restaurants, and the fact that, when the winner from a couple of seasons couldn’t take the announced job “for personal reasons”, Gordon pretty much made it a point to say that the runner-up would not be getting the job, only tends to confirm my suspicions.

I’d missed the first part too, and assumed it was some kind of organ meat or offal. (They’ve done that often for punishment things.)

I’ve not had gefilte fish and frankly, I don’t want to. That would be a hard challenge for me, but I’d do it. (I remember the women’s team having to eat offal and them choking it down, barfing, and continuing to eat.)

Aww, no Jean-Philippe. :frowning:

And no “sparkle-icious” party planner, either (I hope). :rolleyes:

I don’t know why I watch this show. It’s so formulaic. Every competition is close, or tied, until the last comparison. And from previous seasons very often the women’s teams win. More often than you’d expect.

Oh, that too. Also, no spoiled teens please.

I watch this show because I’m in a house where anything with Gordon Ramsay is considered required viewing. That being said, I’m starting to like this show much better than Master Chef.

Did anyone notice that it sounds like they’re using a different narrator than in previous seasons? This one sounds somewhat less bombastic.

I watched the last four seasons but skipped this one. Too much yelling and too much manufactured drama.

At least Ramsay keeps his pants on for Hell’s Kitchen. He manages to appear in a speedo in every episode of Hotel Hell.

Yeah, I mentioned this to my husband. I noticed this guy more .

My mother enjoys this…

(setting DVR)

Should we ask a mod to turn this into a season thread?
The performance of the women ep 1 was amazing, but clearly they just happened to end up with the right cooks assigned to the right stations. Or rather, none of the cooks assigned to the wrong station.

Or naked, getting in and out of the shower. :eek: