Question about tree limb falling on property

My boss lives in Wilmington DE he had a tree on his property with a limb that overhand his neighbor’s property the limb fell on his neighbor’s property last night. It’s a BIG tree limb (an estimate of $200 dollars to remove). Who is responsible for the cleanup? What options does he have?

Why’d it fall?

If God made it happen (wind storm, etc.) then it’s up to the new owner of the limb (not the boss) to move the thing.
If it fell because your boss neglected to have the dead limb removed after it was struck by lightning 4 years ago (in other words, there was an obvious threat of it falling and yet he did nothing) then your boss oughtta pony up.


Phone Book may give names of companies that will haul it off for free-they like the firewood. Maybe not.
Neighborly types might split the cost.

Here, if a homeowner (not a tree contractor) cuts up a tree and puts the pieces on the curb, the city will pick it up. It must be in small pieces and sometimes it takes two or three garbage days before they get it all. Your boss could cut it up himself and put it in the trash.