Question about urination

As I mentioned in another thread, I had a physical today. It was a full workup, and the catch-22 is that I emptied my bladder before the Pap smear, then had to fill it up again for the urine test. (I used to go to a lab that took the urine sample first, which was more practical.) Anyway, I asked for water, and they gave me, instead, a small container of orange juice, which I happily accepted. So I drank it practically over the toilet, and a few seconds later, was able to produce a sample almost the same volume as the juice serving.
How can it have gone through me so fast? Didn’t it have to be processed at all?

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You sure it was straight OJ? They could have mixed it with something - not necessarily something evil, but just something that would make it’s base weight equal to the density in the human body. I read a story about someone who added a special amount of sea salt to water and drank it down. The amount was exactly the right weight, and two seconds later, instant leakage!

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I don’t know. I’ve not heard of that before, though I do recall the mystical, magical qualities of beer in that the stuff seems to shoot through one almost as fast as one drinks it.

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It couldn’t possibly have gone through you that fast. That’s barely enough time for it to get to the stomach. What you managed to produce must have been the result of something you drank earlier kicking in.

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Might be psychological. Drinking that much fluid might have been the catalist for your bladder to empty itself of whatever was in it.

Kinda like how the sound of running water helps the bladder flow.

Just my WAG.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Yeah. Remember the intestines are dozens of feet long so it can’t go thru that fast.

It was probably a urinary stimulant like they give to handicapped people. they also have a shit stimulant for the same reason.

I wonder if there is anything that keeps people from urinating? A sort of reverse diuretic? I asked the pharmist but he seemed clueless.

There’s no need to suppose anything sinister was going on. Your body knows when it has enough water and when it has a surplus. When it has an oversupply it doesn’t try to get rid of the stuff you just drank, it just dumps the stuff that’s already furthest along the pipeline.

I personally have an almost immediate reaction to drinking liquids, even plain water. I don’t suddenly have to pee but I often start to sweat.

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If it went straight thru, it would have been too dilute to be a useful sample anyways.
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