question about voting records and how to read the record of a primary ballot

I know the primary ballots are public record… going to the county clerk, I was interested in getting this voting information. The return sheet read:

00 - V
02 -1 D
02 -2 V
03 - V
04 - 1 N
04 - 2 V

uhhh, not what I expected! What the heck does this mean???

For general elections, V means that you voted. For primaries, the letter tells which party’s primary you voted in; N either means non-partisan (it’s sometimes possible to take a non-partisan ballot to vote on referenda that are held concurrent with a primary) or perhaps Not Voting; you’d have to ask the clerk.

When there are two elections within a year, the first is the primary and the second is the general election. I suspect your first line should read 01 because there would be both a primary and a general election in 2000. The elections in odd-numbered years are local elections.