Question about warrants for traffic violations

My friend has warrants for traffic violations that he was unable to pay and have become warrants. His license has also been suspended. He is happy that he’s found a good-paying job and will be able to pay them off, not only so he can drive legally again, but so that he can have identification for cashing checks and buying alcohol and such. I’ve told him several times that he could just go get an ID card in a county where he doesn’t have a warrant, such as the one he lives in, but he thinks they’ll arrest him. All of the tickets he received were from city and county police. I’ve told him that they can’t issue a state-wide warrant for county and city violations, but he thinks they can, using the logic that his license, which was issued by the state, was suspended, so the state can do anything since they’re involved. Obviously his reasoning is crap, but I want proof once and for all that they can’t arrest him outside of the jurisdiction where he received the tickets. I doubt it will settle the dispute, since he also uses the excuse that the police can do anything, whether it’s legal or not (I called him paranoid and he called me skeptical), but at least I can feel good knowing the truth.


Have your friend contact an attorney.

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