Question about watching NESN (Red Sox) on the MLB Extra Innings Package

Ok, so I’m watching the Sox/Rangers game on the Extra Innings Package, which basically shows me the local Boston NESN broadcast. Well, from time to time, as the commentators are speaking, it breaks in to a pre-recorded “Be sure to watch NESN before each game blah blah blah”. But it seems to happen as the announcers are saying something like, “Now lets give you…” and it cuts off. Seems to me like they are going to say “the local boston pitch count” or something like that. Then, when the pre-recorded message is over, often times the commentators will be in the middle of a sentence.

My question is, does this happen when watching the game locally in Boston? And if not, how do they know I’m watching it on Extra Innings and not locally?


My guess is that there is a break put into the broadcasts so that whatever area is seeing the game can get its own message. There’s probably a Boston message, a Western Mass message, a Connecticut message, etc.

So they can probably add a “National” message for Extra Innings.

Or I could be completely wrong.

I guess that’s possible. But I also see the local Boston commercials for mom and pop furniture stores and what-not.