Question about Weight Watchers

My husband wants to do the Weight Watchers points, but can’t afford to join. We have a points calculator, but he needs to know what his point range would be at 195 lbs.

Well (this is a guesstamate), assuming no activity (which is what they do at first), I believe he would be between 28 and 32 points a day, or there abouts.

My book says 24 points a day, with 35 flex points over the course of a week. Or, with the old system, 22 to 27 points a day.

That is, unless men have a different points range, but none of my information says they do.

24 points. 35 flex.

Humm - well, I got my numbers from this UK site. I suppose the program may be different there.

It says that, for men between 12 and 14 stone (168-196lbs) the daily allotment is 28 and for men between 14 and 16 stone (196-224lbs) is 30 points. I added in the flex points to get a range of 28 to 32 points per day.

Anyhoo - YMMV.

The UK site is different from US and Canada’s programs. They do it differently there than we do it over this side of the pond.

250-274 lbs = 30
225-249 lbs = 28
200-224 lbs = 26
175-199 lbs = 24
150-174 lbs = 22
125-149 lbs = 20

Pregnant women and teenagers have additional points allowed, on top of the 35 flex points everyone gets per week.