Question Concerning Food Allergies in Toddlers

Can an 18-month-old develop an allergy to a food he wasn’t allergic to before? Our son’s developed a rash on his feet and legs; he’s not feverish and the rash doesn’t bother him in the least. He’s eating, sleeping and playing as he normally does. He has however consumed strawberries in the past few days after not having them for months. I was wondering if the problem doesn’t lie there somewhere.

Strawberries are among the most common foods that trigger hives or allergic reactions in people of all ages. IANA physician, but perhaps you should strongly consider strawberries off limits for a couple of years. It’s not like anyone really needs strawberries for core nutrition. You can also keep a food journal noting what your son has eaten and if he has any reactive symptoms. Over two weeks, analysis may reveal some patterns.

The same thing happens to me when I eat strawberries, though my rash is itchy.

Yes, definitely. People can develop allergies to foods at any age, even to foods they previously were able to eat.

Give him some OTC kids’ antihistamine–if the rash magically goes away in an hour or two, put “strawberries” on the “teach him he’s allergic to this” list. You’ll have to be constantly alert for things like Strawberry Pop-Tarts, “With real fruit filling!” etc.

I agree with everyone else… he definately has an allergy… I’d sure avoid strawberries! My daughter has an allergy to some sort of cheese-sauce that they put in those Handi-Snacks bread-sticks and cheese dipping thing… it makes her whole face break out in a rash… shiver


The first exposure to a potential allergen will prime the body to make antibodies at the next exposure. So most allergies display symptoms the second time around, not the first. (Yes, oversimplification, but that’s essentially what is happening here.)