Question for Airline Employees / Flight Attendants

Do you get to fly for free? When you are flying for free, are you expected to help out if there is a problem? Carry any equipment? Do anything special beyond what a normal passenger must do?


Yep. In general, airline employees get to fly for free if there is space available on the flight. For some markets this is iffy at best and you sometimes don’t know if you are getting on the flight or not until just a few minutes before departure. (Which makes vacation planning interesting.)

When non-revving we are not expected to do anything special except to dress a little better than average (no t-shirts or blue jeans and no tennis shoes for example) and to be polite to the flight crew and other passengers. If the flight is short of meals or other items (like headphones for the movie) we are expected to give ours up, but that’s about it.

Flight attendants and flight crew can also do what is known as “dead-heading”. In this case they show up in uniform and do help out on the flight. There still must be a seat of some type for them but they can use the jumpseats reserved for the crew.

What tanstaafl said. As to anything different than normal passengers, I notice that I do get assigned a window exit seat very frequently. Also after 9/11 it’s become common practice to let the F/As know that I’m an off-duty pilot when I’m non-revving out of uniform. That way they know where the good guys are sitting if something should happen in the cabin.

Until I was 21 I got to dead head all over the world courtesy of my father (who was a VP at first United then Flying Tiger). Tiger, being a cargo carrier, had arrangements with other passenger carriers to get their employees and family on board.

It was space available, and sometimes that bit us, but it was a damn sight better than paying.

And it stopped when I turned 21.

Prior to my 21st birthday (by my count): 650,000 miles.

After my 21st birthday: About 20,000 (mostly work-related).

Yep. I’m cheap.