Question for and/or about hard core Xmas lovers

I’ve moved into this mode now too. I do love Christmas, but I’ve scaled back my decorating in the last few years. We have grandchildren now but since COVID, we’ve been doing our big Xmas celebration in June. When COVID was an issue we did it because we could all be outside, not cooped up in close quarters. Now that we’re really not all that worried about COVID we found that we really like doing it in June. The parents have one less house they have to drag the kids to in sub-zero temps. No traveling on icy highways. The kids can play outside. It just works out for us. So because of that, I don’t decorate as much because there’s no one but my husband and I that are going to be looking at it. I put up 2 small trees instead of the big tree. This year I didn’t do outdoor lights. I have to say that putting Xmas away this year was much easier than ever before!

For the hardcore Christmas lover there’s Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

I was there a number of years ago. What I loved though was the fried chicken dinner at that place with the clock figures.

I’ve lived in New England since birth, and yes, this is how more people than I can count feel, me included. There has to be something cheerful in December or more people would kill themselves when daylight shrinks to 9 hours a day.