Question for any IRS agents or Tax Attorneys out there

My boss is a crook. A cheat. To name just a few things she does that I’m sure are tax fraud, she runs personal expenses up the wazoo through the business (or trades goods & services with other businesses, but uses the stuff herself, which is the same thing), and she hires “independent contractors” that are not qualified to be classified as such, based on her requirements of where, when and how they perform the job (thereby not paying payroll taxes on thousands of dollars worth of wages each year).

I am almost out of here. As soon as I have another job lined up for sure, I am thinking of notifying the IRS about this crap (I don’t want to be around for the aftermath, as she is one mean old bat).

What I want to know is, this being a very, very small business, will the IRS actually bother to investigate/audit her if I report her? A CPA I know well says probably not. I really want her to get what’s coming to her for being a crook and an all-around evil person, but why bother if nothing will come of it?