Question for bartenders

Okay so, there is this one bar I go to fairly often. It’s a bar that is part of a major corporation, and the Bartender is pretty high in the corporation, but outside of the bar specifically. He bartends there fairly often, and I know him, and tip him and everybody else their ‘very’ well. Anyway, I haven’t been going much as I have lost my job, but went therer today. One of my friends has apparently told him I lost my job. Today He said’ Why haven’t you seen us lately, Why didn’t you ask me to take care of you, I would’. But then, he charged me full price for my drinks. As well as I normally tip I am used to a ‘discount’ and didn’t get one today. The high-tipper discount being a hush-hush situation normaly so I don’t feel comfortable asking in the open for a free beer in front of other customers, I am confused by his actions. I am obviously not against a couple freebiesbut not sure what he is saying, is there some bartender code I am missing here?

I’m not a bartender. Maybe your barkeep meant that he could hire you. Other than that, I can’t guess what he meant.

People in certain sorts of jobs (bartenders, maitre d’s, hairdressers etc) often say things like this. It’s all very hot-air-friendly, tip-touting, you’re-my-buddy talk, and sounds good while they’re saying it, but in the end means absolutely nothing at all. I wouldn’t waste brain cells trying to decipher it.