Question for Catholics

Who is the patron saint of writers and/or scribes? When is his day?


St. Francis de Sales. His feast day is January 24.

I thought it was St. Teresa.

Ruadh is correct. See this link…

It’s a difficult question, because each writer has a different patron saint: his or her publisher.

CK is right on the ball. St. Britannica is the patron saint of large volumes of books that are sold door to door by really annoying people.

In our neighborhood, Jesus Christ Himself is sold door-to-door by really annoying people.


That same site list Teresa of Avila as patron saint of Spanish writers. I guess my source was a little too ethnic.

Francis de la Salle, though listed as Patron Saitn of Authors, is describes as Patron Saint of Journalists. As if journalism were equivalent to writing… :wink:

If you’re looking for someone pre-counter-reformation, St. Luke and St. Jerome are good option, as is Gregory I.

Thanks for the scoop, Beruang. Not being Catholic myself, I really wouldn’t know from the various Saints, so I went to and typed the question, “who is the patron saint of scribes?” and that’s what came up as the result. I just figured scribes = journalists. I learned something today though, so thanks :slight_smile: