question for Chicago vegetarians...

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on either Emes or Carmel Kosher gelatin? (It’s vegetarian gelatin, made with carageenan instead of boiled skin and hooves.) I’ve tried both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s with no luck. I know you can get it online/mail-order, but it seems rather ridiculous to pay $6 for shipping on a 99 cent product.

I’m looking specifically for the unflavored gel, but one would hope that if they carry one flavor they’d carry all flavors (or non-flavors). I live on the north side of Chicago – please don’t make me go out to the 'burbs to find it. :slight_smile:


The main kosher store in Chicago is Hungarian Kosher Foods on Oakton and Crawford. It is in Skokie, but it is by far the best place for kosher food in the Chicago area and it only a few blocks (less than a mile) from the city limits.
Here is their website

I believe this product is also referred to as “agar” and can be found in Asian groceries.

Whole Foods didn’t have it? I’m very surprised! Maybe they have it listed under agar?

It’s not the same as agar, actually. The reason I’m looking for the veggie gel is that I’d like to try this recipe for vegetarian marshmallows, and the commentary at the bottom tells me that subbing in agar wouldn’t work well in this case.

I was surprised that Whole Foods didn’t have it too. :frowning:

Woohoo! I called Hungarian Kosher and they stock Carmel. Even better, I put it in Mapquest and it’s ten minutes from my flat. :slight_smile:

If anyone hears of a place that stocks Emes, though, I’m still interested. From what I hear it’s of slightly better quality than Carmel.


You could also check out the Jewel on Howard just E of McCormick. They have a pretty good kosher selection, it might be cheaper as well. It’s on the way there. Hungarian is good but hoo boy are they 'spensive!

Also, I can’t remember the name of the place right now, but there is a kosher grocery in West Rogers Park on Devon Ave.; I think the cross street is Sacramento. It’s down the block from Rosenblums’ Judaica store. If they don’ carry it, I’m sure some other grocery in W. Rogers Park will carry it; it’s the neighborhood with the largest concentration of Orthodox Jews in the city limits.