Question for Debussy fans

I’m considering purchasing a CD of Debussy’s Suite bergamasque, for piano, L. 75 and was wondering whose performances of this composition you would recommend.

Also, what are some other good recordings of Debussy’s other pieces?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, NDP,

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know that Suite right off the top of my head and couldn’t recommend a pianist.

What I was going to suggest, however, was going to and checking out their recordings and reviews to see if someone there had an opinion on the matter.

Best of luck,

I don’t know the recording well, but in general, I tend to like recordings put out by Deutsche Grammophon (German Gramomphone). They put out the Debussy piece you’re talking about in 1997 - pianists: Ciani & Vasary. (See for details)

Deutsche Grammophon also publishes a really nice magazine that reviews pieces and albums. You may need to subscribe for access to certain features, however. See The site also has a Forum that you may post/find what you’re asking.

Good luck!

I appreciate everyone’s advice. If it makes my request any easier, Suite bergamasque, for piano, L. 75 is the composition that features “Clair de Lune.”