Question for Hebrew speakers

The reading at 4:24 in this Betty Boop cartoon. What does it mean?

It tried Googling it, and came up with “meaning,” but that can’t be right.

The question has been asked and answered in the comments. Assuming they are correct…


A Cannibal joke. In bad taste. :wink:

Missed that one! Thanks.

I enjoyed Armstrong’s jazz music.

Cartoons like this may be considered in bad taste today, but they certainly showcased some remarkable black talent. I doubt the musicians involved had many qualms about participating in them at the time.

The cartoon helped get Armstrong’s music out to a much wider audience. Probably brought more people into the clubs to see him.

I don’t know what the cartoonists were smoking. There were a lot of very bizarre, almost hallucinogenic cartoons made in the thirties. Some racist and some just employed crazy imagery.

That’s the Fleischer School of animation, one of the greatest ever. Imagination was not something they were short on.