Question for "I Love Lucy" Fans...

Was the actress who played “Carolyn Appleby” in the “Harpo Marx” episode the same woman who played “Carolyn Appleby” in other episodes when Carolyn brags about her kids? She doesn’t look like the same person to me. Am I correct?

According to IMDb, that actress was Doris Singleton, who played Caroline Appleby in 9 episodes (and Lillian Appleby in one). As far as I can tell, she is the only person to play that role.

Yeah, I failed to mention that I found that on IMDB as well. However, I simply cannot see it having recently seen these episodes back to back. I guess I’ll have to reach out to an acquaintance of mine who actually knew Lucy when he was living in NYC, for starters. He’s an authority. If I can reach him, I’ll let you know what he says about this.

I always confused Doris Singleton with Mary Jane Croft. It felt like she was Lucy’s emergency backup sidekick when Ethel wasn’t available.

I didn’t confuse them on the show but when I read the OP I mixed them up in my mind for a moment. Also, in most episodes, Carolyn was sort of a frenemy and the Harpo had her looking like kind of a schlep, so maybe that adds to the OP’s confusion.

MJC played a friend early on, I think, but she’d only show up in group scenes (like during the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League meetings, or bridge club episodes). Then she shows up when the Ricardos move to CT as Betty Ramsay, who does become a secondary friend, but never supplants Ethel (despite the one episode where Ethel gets envious of the Lucy/Betty friendship).

Carolyn/Lillian (the alternate name was only used once or twice early on, IIRC) Appleby was Doris Singleton, never another actress. Well, it’s possible that in the very first episode where someone was named “___ Appleby” that she was played by another actress, but whenever the character had a main role to play, usually as the pretentious rival, it was Doris.

So in short, yes, same actress.

Or maybe one of your friends is pranking you and has taken your glasses, which is causing the visual mixup. Hint: If said friend claims to be chatting with Justin Timberlake at a hotel pool, don’t believe him! :slight_smile: