question for ladies (TMI)

so, due to circumstances beyond my control (aka, I was squeamish) I’ve gone my entire menstruating life without using tampons or anything similarly insertable. After some failed attempts, I finally worked up the nerve to try just one more time, and by golly I got the darn thing in. How do I know if it’s in properly? The string is dangling out, I can’t really feel it, and nothing hurts. Should I assume I’m good to go?

You’re good.

String out = good. You’ll be able to remove it.
Can’t feel it = correct. You shouldn’t feel it.
Nothing hurts = Absolutely right. It sounds like you have attained successful tampon insertion!

If you start feeling cramping right near the vaginal hole, it means that the tampon was worked by your muscles downwards and is in a position to actually come out/ you’ll end up leaking.

Back in the day…cough when we only had cardboard tampons…I was instructed to insert the *entire length of the barrel *(houses tampon) into the vagina. (the old cardboard applicators had 3 little rings as a guide)

I’ll clarify: the barrel end closest to you should be in line w/ vaginal opening (so it’s no longer visible).

Once you’ve inserted the entire length of the barrel in the vagina, then push plunger until you feel it meet the barrel. Then of course, remove entire applicator.

One of the worst things is having a tampon not fully inserted. For one thing, it’s not as effective and #2 it’s uncomfortable as h*ll!

I only address this because my daughter didn’t understand that it has to go in that far! That freaked her out but she was having a lot of trouble because of it.

As someone who almost never uses tampons…how exactly are you supposed to use the bathroom with them in??

Are you supposed to hold the string up or just go and wipe it off? And how do you prevent it from falling out when pushing out a BM??

For me, I never bothered. The string never really got that wet. Or in a lot of cases, I’d end up just using a bathroom trip as a reason to change it anyway.

It never comes out during a BM for me. I’m not pushing all that hard, and honestly I don’t think I could push down hard enough to expel a tampon.

Yeah, fair play to anyone who can push out a tampon. You clearly have a pelvic floor that can pulverise granite.

The urethra is not located within the vagina but rather just above it.
The urethra and vagina are two different openings. One does not depend on the other. Very close together obviously, but 2 TOTALLY seperate orifices.

Sometimes they do get “dislodged” during straining for BM. However, the vagina is very muscular and in a sense “grips” and wraps around the tampon thus holding it secure.

Ladies! This is basic female anatomy! You should know your own bodies! What are they teaching in biology class?

I think the first question had more to do with the string getting wet and gross, rather than hole confusion. Personally I take it as an opportunity to change mine for that reason.

I hope you’re right. I’m not blaming those ladies who don’t know. I blame it on lack of quality sex education by *parents and *the brief intro they get in school.

I have always sort of tucked the string ‘upward’ away from the urethra so it doesn’t usually get wet.

I feel like a British zoologist observing another species with a pair of binoculars from the back of a jeep.

Yeah, she’s right. Emmy was clearly talking about the string getting wet.
Trapeziodal jellyfish: You’re doing it all wrong. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Buy a DivaCup.

  2. Profit!


Seriously, you sound fine. If you find that you like using tampons, do consider getting a DivaCup, though. It’s a hundred times better.

Next question: Other than taking it out and looking at it, is there any way to know when it’s time to change?

I can tell just because I generally know how often to change it–on the first day very often (and I wear a pad to be safe), so every couple hours or so. After that, I usually do it whenever I need to pee. If I’m peeing and I wipe and there’s blood, or if the string is looking bloody, then I know.

All this talk of cardboard tubes … do you all use tampons with applicators? I was amazed to find that they are almost the only option is US supermarkets and pharmacies; you can get them here but it’s rare, pretty much everyone who doesn’t use surfboards uses just plain tampons.

I did, just because they’re easier for me, but now that you mention it, the only brand I ever noticed without applicators is o.b.

Same here, Not a Platypus. I’ve only ever seen applicators, and pretty much always plastic ones.

When I used to menstruate, I used tampons a handful of times, mostly for swimming classes.
I remember that the first time I used one, it was one with an applicator, and it freaked me out so much, made me feel like I was injecting drugs or something, that I passed out half naked in the shower. I must have been 12 or so.
Then I only used tampons without applicators!

Me too. Wanna go get a beer?

(serious question, though: can a virgin use tampons? If so, how does it not, um, you know… tear things? Yes, I’m ignorant.)