Question for running Dopers

Running Dopers:

I’m looking for some advice or references on running for beginners.

I am running for fun and to get in better shape, not training for marathons or anything. At this point I’m not sure I could tell the difference between reliable or bad information if I just randomly went about the internet looking for information.

Do you have any good advice for a beginner? Any websites, books, whatever I should check out?

Couch to 5k has been highly regarded by a lot of Dopers, and looks like a sensible way to ease yourself into running.

The main thing you have to worry about is overtraining. There is a natural tendency for most people to want to do too much, too fast, too soon. Also, make sure to buy yourself a decent pair of running shoes. It makes a huge difference.

Oh, and in addition to the coolrunning website above, is a great resource for runners of all levels.

I used Couch to 5K, and it’s a great program. I was totally and completely out of shape when I started, last June, and I was able to get through the program on schedule. It was challenging but very do-able.

Additionally, John Bingham has written some good stuff for beginning runners. You may want to find a copy of his book Running for Mortals.

And, welcome to the club. :smiley: I never considered myself athletic in any way, or even fit, before I started running, but now I feel weird if I go more than a few days without going for a run. I’m training for a half-marathon in May!

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Find yourself a good running shoe store and get shoes that suit your gait/stride/biomechanics.

A local running club can point you in the right direction.
Good luck!

Great advice I got from a runner when I was just starting was “don’t always run hard, you will grow to hate it if you do, just go out at a moderate pace, run hard on days you feel like it.”

Thanks everyone for all the great info and advice!