Question for Satan

No, nothing religious. Since you work for a record company, I thought you might be able to help me out here. I’m starting out recording music, and I can’t afford an 8 track. What I’m wondering is what are some good programs for hard drive recording? I have a rather large hard drive and a CD-RW, so space isn’t a problem.

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

Wow, I’m flattered you’d ask me personally.

Especially since there are doubtlessly more people on the board more qualified than myself to answer.

I work for a label, and while I have taken numerous other positions in my music biz tenure, I have no experience on the direct creation of music - only the marketing of it, to put it simply.

As such, I cannot help you. I have heard that recording music using software is best on a Mac, and I think that the software would therefore be limited in choices simple because a Mac doesn’t offer tons of applications for anything.

I would ask around. Also, you might want to lok into getting a four-track recorded. You can get a used one for a couple of hundred bucks that will serve as an excellent reference for demoing material and also learning the rudimentaries of production and engineering. They’re also fun!

Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope someone else here can better answer your question more directly!

Yer pal,

I know this question was directed to Satan, but I just wanted to tell you that an person I know uses software called Cakewalk to make home demos. It has more than 8 tracks availabe (I’m not sure of the exact number, may be as high as 48). All you need is a sound card with a MIDI interface, an instrument you can plug into it and lots of RAM.

Hey, thanks guys. The reason I asked you, Satan, was that I figured you might have some knowledge of it. I started to make the topic directed to recording engineers, but the way I phrased it made it take up half the screen.

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost