Question for scholar of Judaism -- very specific

I am doing some research on the Havineinu prayer, but I cannot find it in the ArtScroll (I found it easily in Rinat Yisrael, etc.)

Is it in the Artscroll? If not, why not? Any simple reason (i.e., not a great debate, but just a descriptive reply as to why not).


To my knowledge, it’s not in the Artscroll siddur. However, I should point out that I don’t have one handy and can’t confirm it 100%.

My guess would be that it’s not in the siddur because it is almost never said - it’s really a prayer designed for situations that just aren’t too common today. If you want a specific answer, I would suggest that you contact them here.

Zev Steinhardt

So what are these situations when it would be/have been said?

I admit I’ve never heard of the prayer (I thought the OP might be referring to the ‘Hashkiveinu’ at first…)

I’m not sure that this addresses your particular question, but on a mail group I found the following exchange. (The second link is a response to the first link.)
whatever happened to havineinu?
Page 97 in Birnbaum.