Question for Southwest Florida dopers...

We’re heading to Sanibel in a week, for a week…me, Mrs. rundogrun, and kids, ages 2 and 4. Maybe even some inlaws for a couple of days.

Any thoughts on what to do, where to go, eat (especially if I get the chance to sneak off somewhere with my wife)?

Right now, my only plan is to sit outside our cottage as much as possible, preferable with a margarita and some tunes. With kids, this should last about five minutes…:smiley:

Oddly, I don’t recall eating at any places specifically on Sanibel. Mostly in Cape Coral and Captiva. Anyway, here are some places I visited (high recommendations to all):

The Green Flash on Captiva
Iguana Mia (I know there’s one in Cape Coral–don’t know about Sanibel)
The Mucky Duck on Captiva
Last, but not least, The Bubble Room on Captiva. Kinda pricey–and be prepared to wait a loooong time for a seat–but you will NOT leave hungry.

Now, it’s been three years since I was there, so I can’t guarantee how many of those places are still open.

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Thanks Mjollnir!

Anybody else have any thoughts?

Go have a look-see at a thread I started last year when I was thinking about moving to Florida’s west coast. Several people have chimed in with lots of fun people to do & things to meet.

Thanks for the link Attrayant!

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