Question for the Doper MDs

Obligatory preface: I’m asking because I asked my physician, not going around him.

I’ve had this slowly growing hard lump on the side of my right pinkie for a while now (multiple years). It usually doesn’t bother me, except for occasionally getting in the way, but recently occasionally throbs mildly.

I showed it to my doc, and explained that I figured it was a calcium growth related to a childhood injury, but I wanted to rule out something weird like bone cancer. He said that it was a something-that-starts-with-an-H Node, and it was not of much concern, and actually not much can be done about it.

What is the name, and what is the affliction?

Haversian, maybe? That’s a bone word.

heberden’s node

Thanks, Qadgop. That’s the word, and the definition is just what I thought prior to talking to my doctor.

I’ve assumed it’s the result of nearly cutting off my finger at that joint when a pocketknife closed on it as a teenager.