Question for the Irish Dopers

OK, it’s a weird one, I’ll say that up front. Let’s say an American visiting the Republic of Ireland gets caught by a speed camera outside Dublin Airport, and gets sent a speeding ticket back in…erm, about 2005.

I know, I’m slow…

…mentally, anyway.
And, let’s say he never got round to paying his fine (got many banks looking at me weirdly for trying to get a back check issued in Euros, I’ll tell ya). The question is, should this American be afraid of ever stepping foot in Ireland, or renting a car, ever again?

This is one of those episodes in my past that’s always bugged me. I got the ticket a few weeks after I got home, presumably they got my information through the rental car agency. Nevermind the deadline prior to the fine going up already expired in the time it took for the ticket to find me, at the time the payment instructions were somewhat strict - no personal checks, bank checks only (or credit card, if I could show up in person) in the amount specified. I actually did attempt to find somewhere to issue an international bank check, except the only bank I could locate willing to deal in foreign currencies was the Thomas Cook exchange located *inside *the international airport.

It’s been so long now, I’m either off their records or a warrant is waiting to be trigged if I ever rent a car or bump into the Gardaí. I know there are some Irish dopers here, I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on how the system works, and if they feel it’s likely to matter now.

I don’t know how it works. What I thought would happen is that the rental company would charge the fine to your credit card. But obviously that’s not how it worked in your case.

My guess is that it’s gone away and that the gardaí won’t be waiting to arrest you. However the rental company may still have a record of that unpaid fine, if they ended up taking the hit.

If you want to put your mind at rest you could make inquiries about paying the fine now. If you want to do that you could start by contacting the rental company and ask their advice about how to proceed.

Not an answer but while driving in Northern Ireland (in a car rented in Shannon) my girlfriend made a right turn into oncoming traffic causing an accident and significant damage to both cars. I grabbed the wheel at the last second and heroically prevented us from getting t-boned. Self preservation I guess. Anyway, we (she) was clearly at fault but the police didn’t issue a ticket. They said, “You’ll not pay it anyway so why write it?” No sense in arguing with the police, right? At the next rental place (different from the original) I told them what happened and they rented me the car but specifically excluded her from driving. That was OK with me, even before the crash the floor had a dent from me stomping the non-existent brake on the passenger side.

P.S. - the driver of the other car was with his wife and on his way to pick up some friends to celebrate his first new car! He nearly lost it when the g/f starting taking pictures with the disposable camera suppiled by the rental company to be used in case of an accident. He thought she was just being a tourist taking snapshots. Eventually the cops calmed him down and all ended well with no hard feelings. His parting quip- “Welcome to Ireland. Perhaps if I’d been driving a red car you would have seen me!”

Paging An Gadai

Sorry, I haven’t a clue. I don’t own a car nor drive. I seem to recall that a ticket issued in the Republic of Ireland to a driver from Northern Ireland can’t be pursued but as hibernicus says it is possible that the rental company might have had to pay the fine. But that is just supposition. It might be worth looking at to see if there’s anything about this scenario.

I imagine it ends up in the hands of a debt collection agency. Is it on your credit file?

I recall hearing that it worked the other way around, but I’m not sure if that was the way the law worked or just that it was too much bother to pursue people cross border legally.

As an aside, I read through some roleplays offered to PSNI recruits, one featured an irate driver from the Republic complaining that he shouldn’t get a ticket at all as he was a foreigner, the recruit having to convince them otherwise I assume. That’s as close as I get to any sort of cite :slight_smile:

Ah yes a “Cake and Eat It” Republican. :slight_smile:

You could always try this trick.