Question for the men and women...

Do you think that men have a vital interest in keeping women dependent on them? Why?

Personally, I do and I don’t because of the situation depending. I kind of figure men want some type of security, whether it’s keeping that female companionship aspect in their lives to replace mom or just to know they have a woman there like a security blanket. This sounds pretty insecure, but that’s the only reason I can think for why I would personally want to keep my SO dependent on me. Otherwise, I really don’t believe it’s correct to try and force a relationship, but alas, I’ve found myself doing things in my own relationship to please my SO, and thereby keep her wanting more (or at least that’s the idea in my mind as to why I’m doing the things I do for her…) or satisfied with me.

Curious to hear what some of you have to say about this, and also, do you think age has any relevance to the issue?

I think it simply comes naturally. If you ever look at everquest by level 12 female character generally has a couple level 50 items.

I think both genders are dependent on the other, for simple biological reasons like continuing the species if nothing else. I think they’ve always been mutually dependent on each other, although variances between cultures can and have obscured the interdependency in some cases. In a primeaval society, men would probably have an advantage when it came to simply surviving, but I can’t imagine any man (homosexuals excepted) who would prefer an existence without women.

Was this something too taboo to ask?
I’m surprised at the lack of opinions for once on the SDMB.

Define “dependent” - Financially? Emotionally? Socially?

I’ve always made more money than my husband, so it’s not applicable here. I lived alone from the time I was 19 till I was 29 - I did OK.

I depend on his friendship and companionship and sense of humor and ability to provide me with another point of view. I could survive without him, and I’m certain he’d survive without me, but why would we want to do that?

So it’s not a dependency, it’s a partnership. Works for us…

I think men are dependent on women.

I think people are interdependent.

In couples, whether M/M, M/F, or F/F there’s healthy dependency and there’s unhealthy dependency. Love is a healthy dependency. (Ok, broad strokes with a really big brush, but without more specifics to work with, that’s what I got for ya.)