Question for twickster on the Toronto Maple Leafs

I pushed this thread off topic (for which I apologize)

I was apparently told that insulting the Toronto Maple Leafs constitutes a personal insult. :confused: But I was born and mostly raised in London, Ontario, and I know all about the Leafs and their culture, and have developed certain opinions of them.

I realize I was being annoying by directly calling out someone’s user name and nothing else (even though it’s a huge shiny target to any Canadian) so I’ll back off on that.

Should I avoid talking about the Leafs in other ways, such as bashing them in hockey threads, or sprinkling my posts with metaphors using the Leafs as an humorous reference to futility (the way people talk about the Cubs or other teams)? Will it be considered a stealth personal insult, or is this akin to making fun of Republicans/Democrats in non-political threads?

I may have a problem with the team - is that bad?

I have no opinion of Leaffan at all beyond the user name which jumps out. I really don’t keep track of the various personalities and histories on this board very well.

Hmm. Leaffan = “Leaf fan.” Huh!

Anyway, please continue.

Awesome. I can’t wait for the next time someone makes a crack about the vikings, you’ll think the poster ran over my dog.

I would never say anything bad about the Vikings, I’m just surprised to hear they’re still a team.

twickster says she’ll check in on this later, but for now maybe I can clear this up for you (he said, tempting the gods).

It’s not a personal insult. Here’s what she said:

The issue here is that this is becoming harassment of Leaffan. He posted examples of five other threads where you had posted shortly after he did to bash the Maple Leafs. That probably would have been fine if they were hockey-related threads, but they weren’t. None of them were in The Game Room and only one (two if I am being very charitable) had anything to do with sports at all. For example there’s a thread where Leaffan posted about a problem with YouTube videos and your response was:

And in a thread about the Mars rover you opined as follows:

If the thread has nothing to do with sports, don’t jab Leaffan about the Maple Leafs. Doing it once is no big deal, but it looks like you’ve been doing this excessively.

And that’s exactly it. Your posts have nothing to do with the topic. I can take a joke as well as the next guy, but you seem to delight in following me to unrelated threads and trying to be funny; you’re not.

Well, I thought it was very funny and I’ve never followed you or any other poster. If I happen to see your user name, it sometimes triggers my anti-Leafs reflex developed over years of enduring Harold Ballard and others. Good thing you’re not a Canucks fan or you’d have been hit with some great jokes about rioting.

BTW, you forgot to add this post of mine in your list of complaints.

I’m still not sure how this is so different from 95% of the random off topic snark on this board, some of which humorously bashes the Cubs, Yankees, Raiders, but whatever…

Control your “reflex.” It’s OK in threads about hockey, but otherwise it can be kind of annoying. All of the examples were from the last couple of months.

Thanks for fielding this, Marley – I’m having a crazy busy day here and didn’t have time to respond right away.

LC Strawhouse, as already explained, the problem is not making snide comments about the Leafs, it’s about an obnoxious pattern of doing so when responding to one particular poster in threads that have nothing to do with hockey.

The difference is that you are responding to one particular poster in threads that have nothing to do with hockey.

You are welcome to talk about the Leafs as much as you like (don’t make me live to regret that) in any thread where such commentary is relevant. Other than that, don’t.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I know, right?

I always heard it in my head as “Leafian”. No idea why.

I thought he liked trees. Seriously. :smack:

For me it always sounded like “Chewbacca”, I don’t know why

I heard it as Throatwarbler Mangrove.

twickster, they’re all picking on me now! Wah, :frowning: wah, :frowning: wah…

Go Pens!!:smiley:

This constitutes stalking. Basically, whenever you see him post you stick in a hockey jab, regardless of the topic of the thread or the relevance of hockey to the topic. That is a no-no.

At first glance I thought kayaker said, “Go Penis!:D” and I was about to agree with that.

I’m a Devil’s fan. No sympathy from me.

I’m in the antipodes and I got the allusion. Does that help?