Question Inspired by Snoring Remedy Commercial

I’m not really sure that this is a Cafe Society question, but it has to do with a commercial, so here goes:

There’s this mouthpiece thing that’s supposed to cure snoring by holding the jaw forward while the snorer sleeps. There’s a TV ad for it. Fine.

The thing is the ad shows that the snorer is invariably male. And that his snoring wakes his wife (or girlfriend, whatever) and she sends him to sleep on the couch.
Hubby then makes annoyed frowny face, but dutifully goes off to the couch.

Now, first of all, why are the snorers in this commercial all men? Women do snore, I know. I am a snorer.

And secondly, why does the commercial portray all the women as queen bitches who wake the men up and kick them out of bed? If I was married to a snorer, and his snoring was keeping me awake, I would get out of bed and go to the couch myself. Granted, I might try to convince my husband to get help for his snoring, but no way would I wake him up and throw him out of the bedroom. To me, that would be selfish.

Or am I just a doormat?

You are wonderful. Your husband should rub your back and feet, and thank the deity he serves that you married him. :smiley:

In my house, I am the snorer of snorers. I will make the move if I am keeping my wife up. While I can function on 4 or less hours of sleep, she can’t. I can sleep on a bed of nails, so location isn’t important to me.

That being said, I was married to a woman that had no job, and would stay up all night, keeping me up, and giving me the “choice” to sleep downstairs.

I think she is the one in the commercials…

I think they’re just being delicate. Often a snorer can be interrupted by shoving, etc, to change position. But one time, when snorers really snore it up, but good, and no amount of shoving or rolling over will rouse them, is if they’ve been drinking. I’d wager that’s when a fair number of women, toss the ‘home from hockey/poker/the pub’, hubby out of the bedroom.

It’s all revenge for the husband in the Sucrets commercial.

My husband snores, and I have been told that I do, too. Fortunately for him, my hubby is also hard of hearing and sleeps like a log. At one time I would go sleep in the guest bedroom if he was really loud before I fell sound asleep. Then I discovered ear plugs.

In answer to the OP, no, I would not wake him up and make him go to sleep again somewhere else. That’s just mean, for something he can’t help doing.

I’m just used to it & so is he. We both snore.

Years ago, I had a GF who threatened to smother me with a pillow due to my snoring.

I now use a CPAP machine

It’s portrayed that way in the commercials because if they showed the wife as the snorer, female viewers would object. Because women can be irrational like that.*

*That was a joke. I don’t really feel that way. Please don’t hate me.

They couldn’t show the realistic version. In that one, the wife slowly rises out of bed and punches the husband as hard as she can in the face while he is sleeping. He wakes up injured and confused and then has to go sleep on the couch or he will never see his children again according to her. That is what my ex-wife used to do anyway.