Question: LatinX?

If you were absolutely forced to pick and assign a gender for “neighbourhood” in English, I think it might actually be feminine. (?) So it would then be more correct to say, “That is a Latina neighbourhood.” :wink:

Oo boy. That is a tough one because in Spanish, you can use either La vecindad, or el vencidario…so…yeah er. well I guess whichever you want?


Which is my more frequent experience, the adjective use.

More like "Uber-Anglo" or "Ultra-Anglo" or perhaps better still:

"There Are No Anglos Any Anglo-er Then THESE Anglos"

BTW: “Latinx” is “Abolish the Police”'s less-dangerous-and-almost-as-ill-advised little brother.

Come, now. The entire existence of Latinx is an artificial prescription contrived to correct a perceived deficiency in Spanish. It’s not prescriptive to debate whether another hypercorrective prescription is appropriate or not. You can do better than “no u”, I think.

If it’s a Spanish word, then it’s not correct to neutralize it as “LatinX”, and Spanish speakers have repeatedly stated it’s awkward and unnecessary for the stated goal.

If we try to declare it a loanword to the English language, then the suffix “O” does not need to be neutralized because English doesn’t use “O” as a masculine gender modifier! Its gender is confiscated at customs! There’s nothing to neuter!

People are going to say what they want to say, but nobody should ever accept any stated grammar-based rationale for “LatinX”. The only reason this term exists is because the wokies will fling themselves headlong into any artificially contrived word fad if someone says it’s for inclusion. Then in 5 years it will get flung off the euphemism treadmill at high velocity, only to be replaced by yet another dumb thing that nobody wanted or asked for.

The end.

Perhaps the most basic problem is that it lumps many distinct cultures together by the language they speak. While bizarrely excluding the originators of the language (Spaniards) from said group.