Question on a thread. Does GD need to stick to the topic?

This thread specifically. Although it is about Mao and the Cultural Revolution, there are three (as of this tread starting) posts making a not-so-subtle anti-Trump references in a way that adds nothing to the thread.

Is that permitted in GD?

Political jabs are against the rules in GQ, but I think you need to point out the posts you think are at issue. I didn’t see anything obvious.

Admittedly Evan could be referring to Mao, Trump or Kim Il Jung. But then there’s this :

Hmm … what is that about? Then

This last one (based on Senegold’s posting history) is pretty sure to be an anti-Trump post even if the first two are not. So even ignoring the first two, if this is an anti-Trump post that is not germane to the thread - is that allowed in GD?

*This is about the rules not a “why wasn’t this modded” thread so for those that don’t see the anti-Trump subtlety, let’s for the sake of argument say Senegold comes into the thread and says, “Yeah it’s about Trump”.

For the GQ rules:

I think it’s pretty clear that political jabs are against the rules. If someone makes a jab about Trump in a thread asking questions about Mao, I don’t see why that would not be against the rules.

You’re talking about General Questions, but St Cad is talking about Great Debates.

Political jabs are not per se against the rules in GD. There is always room for guidance to keep threads on topic or to avoid threadshitting, should the circumstances warrant.

I haven’t followed that thread recently for lack of reports.

There doesn’t seem to be a rule against political comments in Great Debates. In fact, there seems to be some overlap between GD and Elections, which does get political. According to Bone:

So, since political threads can be placed in GD, I’d say political jabs there are going to be more loosely moderated than in some of the other forums, even if the thread topic itself is not strictly political.

ETA: Sneaky ninjas!

Oh. Never mind! :slight_smile:

Not sure why I was thinking that that thread was in GQ.