Question on coin battery designations

I had a hard time finding a battery for my sports watch. The battery designation was (IIRC) CR-2430; I’m told that the number means it’s 24mm in diameter, and 3.0mm thick. The replacement battery (Duracell brand) I found is designated DL-2430.

My question is: What does the CR, DL, BR, etc. mean in the battery designation? Are there lots of them?

From here (PDF file):

“The difference between CR seriesand BR series in the lithium range is CR batteries provide higher voltage during the first half of discharge
and better overall current capability.
BRbatteries perform better at high temperatures and provide a more stable voltage during last half of discharge.
For consumer applications the BR and CR series of lithium batteries are considered interchangeable.”


With that info, I managed to Google this pdf which informs me that CR is a Manganese Dioxide type, whereas BR is Poly-carbon Monoflouride. It also says that BR is better for realtime clocks, so it sounds like it’s the right choice for my watch. :slight_smile: