Question on conspiracy mentality.

Knowing there’s probably not a factual question here, I saved the mods a few keystrokes and just started it in GD.

I was watching a program of the “secret bunker” at Denver International Airport (DIA). I know that some CTers seem to have this underlying idea that the government should allow anyone to walk on a military base at any time or go into any area whether it has a 200,000 volt transformer in it or is somebody’s private office.

What I really don’t get is their idea that someone is going to all that trouble to make something super-secret and then put clues all over the place. Using the swastika runways, a mural of a tyrant (ignoring of course the mural right next to it where the tyrant is overthrown and Peace is represented) and the words “New World” on a plaque (representing the New World Order), these are all clues to what is going on. It’s like putting you’re life savings in the freezer and then putting up cross-stitching that says “The gold is where it’s cold” as a clue.

So what is the rationale that CTers use that people want something ultra-secret yet intentionally leave clues that the upper 1% of truth-seekers can easily figure out?

Since it worked that way in The Da Vinci Code, it must also work that way in real life.

A few possibilities

  1. That the powers that be put out the clues as a form of gloating.
  2. The powers that be assume that no one could possibly figure out the clue, but in so doing they fail to take into account the stunning intellect of the CTer
  3. (most likely) The CTers don’t try to rationalize it at all. Expecting rationality from a CTer is largely a mistake.