Question on Lousiana

Is there a place in Louisiana that sounds like cheboygan? I had customer come in and mention that he just came from Louisiana around cheboygan. Is that even a place? I thought it was in Michigan.

Looking at Google Maps, there are a couple of small towns south of New Orleans called Chauvin and Chackbay, which might sound a little like Cheboygan in speech, I suppose, depending on the accent of the speaker.

There’s a Sheboygan in Wisconsin, though I doubt that helps. I was mostly posting to ask if the pronunciation you want starts sh or ch.

There is Chalmette, just outside of New Orleans, but that only vaguely sounds like Cheboygan.

It sounds like an old vaudeville line to me. As in, [Bugs Bunny] I knew I should have made a right turn in Albuquerque [/Bugs]. I use ancient phrases like that all the time. Want to buy a duck?

I am from Louisiana and I can’t think of any. There are no cities that sound similar. The other posters may be right. It could be a play on words to describe a round-about trip through far away places. Chauvin and Charenton are the closest but nobody would use those because they are very small. Where are you located?

I currently live in Houston, but lived in NOLA for about two years, so I am familiar with Chalmette. Guess I can ask him to clarify when he comes around next week. I just drivin me nuts for no particular reason. for what its worth the guy is a native Louisianan
from around lafayatte I think. works on offshore rigs.

I live in Louisiana and I can’t think of any place with that name. Of course, I suspect there is someplace in every state that sounds like that, but as far as a landmark, nothing rings a bell.

I have been all thru that state, and nothing sounds like that…sometimes them Cajons can speak a tongue all their own…perna