Question / possible answer for why SD is so slow

I’ve recently set up 2 vBulletin forums, and I just noticed this option in the adminCP.

“Showing the last post on a member profile can cause large table scans which leads to table locking. This may increase load time on your fourms as well as the load of your server. This option should only be enabled for smaller boards.”

Since the SD has this enabled, wouldn’t that explain a lot of hamster deaths?

Just curious if this has much effect on SD, and if so, shouldn’t it be disabled?

This is not an option in the current version of vB we have installed, 2.2.8.

your humble TubaDiva

Bonnie: Financial factors are at play here. This message board does not produce income for the Chicago reader. It’s here as a courtesy. The SDMB is FREE.

Anybody that wants to speed the board up should limit their searches to only essential ones. This should be less than one per month.

I think if that were done, the hamPsters could boogie right along.

Another thing too is that some people in the vBulletin Board owners community are a wee bit suspicious of the extremely overdue and very problematic version 3.x, and wish to wait for a bit before dedicating the IT resources to giving it a shot. I know I won’t be upgrading to 3.x for some time, maybe never - I may switch to a different software rather than upgrade, in fact.

I take it you mean that disabling it is not an option? Because “Last post” is right there in the profiles.

Still, though, one would presume that this is only an issue when folks are viewing profiles, and I can’t see that that would be one of the more commonly-used features.

It’s not an administrative option you can toggle on and off or select in version 2.2.8, that’s what I meant.

Of course, you can custom tailor vB through coding to make it do damn near anything you want, but it’s Chicago Reader policy not to go too far afield with coding changes.

I have passed this suggestion over to Jerry, however; might not be a bad idea.

your humble TubaDiva

“Still, though, one would presume that this is only an issue when folks are viewing profiles…”

I thought about that too. Another thing people could do is turn off ‘view all sigs’ in their profile. That way the board doesn’t have to create all those sigs for each user on each page I look at.

Maybe if we got rid of handy

… the boards would speed up quite nicely.

Actually, the tables build themselves weither or not you check them, so this means every time someone posts, their profile has to rebuild to update itself. It sure does sound like that could be an enormous strain on the server.

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Uhm, Dude.

Uhm, dude yourseslf. The thing is, we see an awful lot of posts bitching about handy’s post total. How are we to know which are sarcastic and which are earnest?

Fair enough, I didn’t know that. I guess I could have included a smiley at the end of my post, to remove any doubt. No ill feelings I hope.