Question re Microsoft Word Master Document feature

Short version:
Say you have a Master Document in Word 2000, and it has 50 sub-documents. Say you made the same typo in all 50 sub-documents. For example you mispelled someone’s name in all 50. Can you do a global search and replace from within the Master Document and fix all 50 sub-documents, or do you have to open each individual sub-document? (or use some other cumbersome procedure?)

Long version (+background):
I’m working on a project where we have several collections of about 50 documents each. Just to illustrate the type of project I’m working on, imagine an on-line manual for auto repair. For each type of car (e.g. Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Volkswagen Jetta) there are about 50 different instruction modules explaining different procedures (e.g. replacing a turn signal, lube oil and filter, replacing the head gasket). So, using Microsoft Word, we write all the modules for each of the types of car.

Now it’s proofreading time, and it turns out that we mispelled Toyota in every single one of the Toyota Camry modules. If all the modules are separate documents, then we have to open each individual document in Word and correct the problem. This is extremely tedious. On the other hand, if I’m understanding the Master Document concept, it looks like we can take advantage of that feature to save ourselves a lot of headache. If we save each of the 50 Toyota Camry modules in a Toyota Camry Master Document, then we can just open the Master Document, do a global search and replace, and be on our way.

It seems like the Master Document is also handy because it helps us keep organized. Rather than all the files floating around, we can track each one through the Master Document.

Also, if we want to add a new vehicle, say a Ford Mustang, we can use the Toyota Camry master document as a starting point, and modify it and then resave it as a Ford Mustang Master Document. (Car experts, please forgive me if the specific car related aspects of this example are stupid, I’m just using this as an illustration.)

Does this make sense? Any things I’m missing, or hints about how to make this work? Any other suggestions (other than Master Document) for accomplishing what I’m trying to accomplish.



Doing the search and replace isn’t difficult:

Open the master document. Ensure you are in outline view. Choose the “Expand subdocuments” tool from the outline toolbar.

All editing functions should work as if you are in a “normal” document.