Question regarding 2-persin/4 person ballots

I had never heard of 2-person or 4-person ballots before. Are these for families? What is their purpose, how are they used and do all states have them? Are there other varieties like 3 or 5-person ballots? I couldn’t find any information to answer my questions.
I look forward to your feedback

I’ve never heard of them, either. What’s the context where you are seeing that phrase?

I’ve heard them discussed by media and I’ve seen references to them online.

Karl Rove mentioned them in the context of how the media evaluate poll numbers, but I haven’t hear how they are used or by whom.

In the context of a poll, I would be he meant that a 2-person ballot was when the pollster asked a voter “Do you prefer Clinton or Trump?” and a 4-person ballot is when the pollster asked a voter “Do you prefer Clinton, Trump, Johnson (the Libertarian candidate), or Stein (the Green Party candidate)?”

Thanks Alley Dweller. That makes sense.