Question regarding Chuikov's 62nd Army


I’ve been searching high and low for the exact number of troops in Chuikov’s 62nd Army. No luck. How many troops were thrown against Paulus’s 6th Army.
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Do you mean at one specific time? Or do you mean over the course of the Battle of Stalingrad? If the latter, then when do you consider the Battle of Stalingrad to have begun? It ended, of course, when Paulus surrendered but then even after the surrender of the Field Marshall there were some pockets of German troops that held out for a little while longer.

I suspect there might not have been even one front line soldier under Chuikov’s command who remained in combat from the start of the battle until Paulus’s surrender. Russian casualties were terribly high. However his army always managed to receive enough new troops to keep the battle going.

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I found this:

“At best, by October 1942 the 62nd Army numbered 50,000 men and 80 tanks. According to those present it was nowhere near these numbers and the Germans held overwhelming advantages in men and machines.”

As the Rolls-Royces of the time were described, “sufficient.”

I found this (warning, pdf file) online which might be helpful, its David M. Glantz (2008) The Struggle for Stalingrad City: Opposing Orders of Battle, Combat Orders and Reports, and Operational and Tactical Maps. Part 2: The Fight for Stalingrad’s Factory District-14 October–18 November 1942, The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 21:2, 377-471. The closest thing to a complete strength report:

The last few paragraphs from 62ND ARMY’S COMBAT REPORT, 12 NOVEMBER 1942 are worth quoting in relationship to the above:

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