Question regarding US banking services

Hey all, hoping a couple you US dopers can help out with this, got a guy telling me he’s having trouble finding someplace to buy a money order in Canadian dollars in Sacramento, California.
I’m calling bull on that, but I realize that the US banking system is different than what we have here in Canada. I know I can go to any bank over here and buy US money orders no problem.
Is there any problem with buying a money order in Canadian (or any other currency) funds in the US?

He may be telling the truth. I am pretty sure that I can’t go to my local mega-bank branch and get a Canadian money order. I have certainly never heard of anyone that I know doing such a thing.

I have done business with people in Canada before (I’m in Wa State), and all you have to do is go to the Post office and get an *international * money order. Piece of cake.


these US postal money orders, can they be issued in Canadian funds? My concern is that I don’t want to loose on the transaction due to something as silly as exchange rate fluctuations.
I’d hate to turn down the sale, but I also don’t want to subsidise his purchase.

Bank of America sells money orders in Canadien funds, I have bought a few.

Wells Fargo sells all sorts of foreign currencies, and apparently at just about any branch - they’re not too hard to find in Sacramento, either.

They just have to go there and say they want X in $Canadian, then the bank figures the exchange rate and charges them accordingly.