Questionable newsgroup gibberish

In browsing (non-adult) newsgroups, i.e. alt.revisionist.history, the messages are all gibberish, although the subject lines are not. Example of text:
I have a controller this vigor or listing have ascribed you across his adviser. How do they obtain but them apart? Plus have I not muster on quite every brigade? Their hedonism hugged past them lest I chipped me.

Anyone know the story behind this? There seem to be certain words that crop up more often than others (“Puritan” being one). I assume its done so that people won’t get upset and flame 'em.

Would loverock or Dragonfly9X care to reply? :slight_smile:

Your Quadell

Reminds me of a Scientology thread we had going recently. Basically, the Scientologists frequently unleash a bug against anti-Scientology messages, turning them into gibberish. Do these occur in discussions about Scientology, by any chance?

Yes. That might be an explanation. Here’s an example:

It’s called a “sporgery.” Check this link for more info

Yep, that seems to be it. Much obliged.

I find some of the sporgerys more compelling than anything a scientologist or white supremist could write :slight_smile: