questioning Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

what kind of persuasive techniques are used to get information out of someone who doesn’t want to talk?

*for those of you who don’t know, KSM is a very high level al Qaeda member, arrested in Pakistan and soon to be turned over to US.

The details about interrogation techniques today would be highly classified. However, in order to give you a point of reference on what has been done in the past, a well documented example is the interrogation techniques (involving drugs, chemicals and hypnosis) used by the CIA in the 1950’s, a project code-named “ARTICHOKE”.

The National Security Archive, on the George Washtington Universtiy web site, is just one of the many web sites with details about Project ARTICHOKE.

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On the point of the methods of interrogation being classified - I’d definitely agree. However, here’s a link to Al Qaeda’s Manual where you may reference Chapter 17 - “Interrogation and Investigation.”

They (aQ) seemed to know a bit about the subject. I reckon those captured know quite a bit more now.

Torture and drugs are not very effective as this article at Strategy Page outlines. The School of Americas manual, KUBARK, was an interrogation manual that was declassified in 1997 much to the embarrassment of the CIA and Army. This is an outline of the how to document that goes into the details of interrogation techniques still in use today.