Questions about a cult

I heard about a religion or a cult that tries to become enlightened by saying the name of their god so fast that they pass out. Ive looked everywhere for more information about this, but I cant find any. Does anyone know anything about it? If it helps, I think the name they chant is Hugh or Hue or something like that.

The English word giddy comes from the same root as the word God. The source of them both is the Proto-Indo-European root *gheu- meaning ‘to call out, invoke’. Think about that.

An Islamic name of God used by Sufis in repetitive ecstasy-inducing invocations is Hu.

Do they have an annual commemoration regarding that deity’s time as an infant…

You know, when he was Baby Hughie.

Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

The Hare Krishnas’ principal method of devotion appears to be simply chanting the Holy Name over and over and over – Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, etc.