Questions about a Humble Cafe Debate with Mundane Comments on BBQ Columns

While sipping my absinthe at a remote cafe with a view in Hawaii, I wondered, with a new smilie, about whether 3 words that end in “gry” were ever in the the best movie ever. Without any spoilers, I pulled off an errant guy thread from my jacket and polled the waitress whether the cafe’s vb code was created by an atheist, or the product of a Flat Earth, to which she replied: “Bite Me, you ignorant sycophant.”

I once heard a story about a water powered engine that could power all of Rhode Island, which is a State that I think is smelly and offputting and teeming with pricks, mainly because it’s filled with abortionist murderers who watch movies like Terms Of Endearment and cry at the end. Anyway, does that engine work?

My God, jarbaby. Shake off that handy!

My question is: where do I post this?