Questions about Adults Applying for a Driver's License

Does anyone know if a person who is over 21 is also bound by the rules for having a driving permit for a year and a day and also having 40 signed hours of “practice time”?

I cannot find the answer on my state’s (GA) Driving Services site. At the moment I can’t get through on their phones, so I thought I’d give the SD a shot.

I am over 21 and have never gotten my driver’s license. I do have a permit, but I’ve only had it for about 8 months. I made an appointment to try to take the test in a few weeks, but it just occurred to me I might not be eligible yet. I have friends who claim they didn’t have to wait the year, but others said they did have to wait. I live away from home now and don’t have my parents around to sign off on practice hours, and I need my license really soon for work purposes.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

This may vary from state to state, but at the age of 54 I got my full Ohio license with just the usual written and practical tests, and without spending any time as a learner. I have had a New South Wales license for more years than I can count on my fingers and toes, but they didn’t ask to see that. The car I took my test on was one that I had rented using my NSW license, so I was legal driving it to the test without an Ohio license.

As someone who didn’t get my drivers license until I was over twenty-one, I can relate.

My guess is that it varies from state to state, but usually the waiting period is six months, so you should be eligible.

It may be different if you’ve had a license before. And don’t be surprised (or discouraged) if you have to take the test more than once.

I failed my first drivers test, but the State trooper who gave the test told me that if I worked on the three things I got wrong, and had him the next time I too the test, he would pass me.

Sure enough all he did was take me to a parking lot, quiz me on what I did wrong, and asked me to drive back.

If you’re serious about getting your license, you should do fine. I think in most states it’s the under eighteen set they are more concerned about.

I got my New York State license back in the early 1980’s at the age of about 22. I had to take the six-hour class (which I think is eight hours now) and have the certificate in order to schedule a road test.

Call your DMV.